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Loans: Requirements and Applicable Interest Rates

Do you need a loan and you don’t know how to do it? Do you want to know which are the various options available to the bank and which are the most advantageous?

With this guide of ours, how to get a loan we will see what are the different steps to follow and we will also give you some useful tips. Here’s what you need to do to get the perfect loan for you!

How to get a loan


In some cases you may find yourself in need of a loan to renovate your home, take a vacation or solve some small problems. Allows you to choose the best loan option for your needs.

With Fineco you can get a loan quickly thanks to the online request form, you can also find information through the Bank App.

With a simple click you can learn all the details of the loan, choose the most suitable and even get it in about 48 hours. In just two days you can open the file and even get the money you need on your account.

With it is also possible to calculate the installment, in this case it is sufficient to make an estimate. The quote can be requested online with a quick and easy method. By entering your data, the amount you want to request and the number of repayment installments you can get an idea about interest rates and the monthly payment.

Just fill out the form on the site. The quote is free, it is not binding on the loan request and can help clear up any doubts. The online quote helps to get an idea about the duration of the installments and the expenditure to be incurred for the financing.

Just remember that the more the repayment months increase, the slower the installment is. However, a low installment and a long repayment time lead to an increase in interest.

We therefore advise you to calmly assess the duration of the payment and the amount to be requested, all this so as not to waste money on interest. To find out what are the characteristics of a loan with Fineco, we recommend asking for an appointment with a representative.

Fineco allows you to request a standard rate personal loan with a 6.95% fixed TAN and a maximum 7.53% APR. The duration ranges from 12 to 48 months up to 4,000 euros, from 12 to 72 months up to 10,000 euros and from 12 to 84 months up to 50,000 euros. For loans with a duration of more than 18 months, the bank provides for a substitute tax of 0.25% of the amount.

To apply for a loan, you must be a current account holder for at least 3 months, have a balance greater than -500 euros, have your salary or pension credited, be aged between 18 and 70 and reside in Italy.

The necessary guarantees

Whatever loan you choose and whatever the bank there are mandatory guarantees to provide. These guarantees are mandatory even for those on the bad payer list or for those who have been protested. The guarantees to request a loan with Fineco are:

  • The pay slip : which often allows to obtain advantageous rates and to have the loan in a short time;
  • The salary assignment : which generally allows even those who have been protested or is on the bad payer list to obtain the loan, the sum to be repaid monthly to the bank will be withheld from salary or pension. The salary assignment often makes it possible to obtain advantageous rates and repayment plans up to 10 years;
  • The guarantee of a third party : it must be able to act as a guarantee. The guarantor can be a friend or a parent or a relative. He can become the loan manager instead of the applicant;
  • The pension : a solid guarantee, but the duration and the number of installments to be reimbursed can change depending on the age of the applicant;

What do you need to get the money?

What do you need to get the money?

To obtain the loan it is necessary to provide the bank with:

  • The valid identity document;
  • The pay slip, the pension slip or the last tax return (valid only for self-employed workers).

Those who have been protested and those who are on the list of bad payers must provide the same documents. There is no need to bring with other documents, the rest will be taken by the bank to which the loan is requested.

Times to get the loan 

Times to get the loan 

If the loan application is made online, you can safely have the money in 48 hours from the opening of the file.

The more complex it is to apply for a loan directly at the branch, is a bank that is almost totally online, so to talk to a borrower, you will necessarily have to make an appointment.

The person in charge will indicate the time to wait for the loan requested on his account. We remind you that every case is different and that waiting times or interests may vary from the estimate.

Interest for the loan

Interest for the loan

To find out the interest rate you will be paying with the loan, you can make an online quote. The quote is not binding and is totally free. It allows you to know the TAN and the APR or the interest rate and the synthetic total cost of the loan.

The APR is the cost of the commissions to be paid for the request for a loan. Check the TAN and the APR before choosing the loan, it helps to save money that would otherwise be in interest.

Doing a little research and not choosing a loan at random helps you choose the most convenient rates for you. Saving on interest is a good way to be able to settle the method in less time.

The loan for the protested parties

Obviously, we cannot guarantee that Fineco bank easily agrees to provide a loan if you have been protested or if you are on the list of bad payers.

The only way to know if Fineco gives you the opportunity to get the loan is to talk to a representative to get detailed information. The person in charge will accurately assess the situation and decide whether to approve the loan or to refuse the request.

Generally, the best guarantee that can be given in these cases is the assignment of one-fifth of the salary. In case you are on the list of bad payers or if you have been protested this is the most solid guarantee you can give to get the loan.

Often thanks to the sale of the fifth (if you can get the loan) you can even get plans to repay the amount up to 10 years and lower interest rates.

Loans for temporary workers

Loans for temporary workers

Also thinks about temporary workers. To obtain a loan in this case, however, you must give the bank some additional guarantees.

To have a loan if you are a temporary worker, you will need to prove that the number of installments cannot exceed the months of work you have under contract. The other conditions to be met for having a loan with Fineco are the same as for permanent workers.

Assignment of the Fifth: Rate Calculation and Interest to Pay

Do you need to apply for a loan, but do not know how to offer guarantees to the bank? Do you want to apply for a loan, obtaining favorable rates without going crazy behind dozens of practices? Do you need a loan that is easy and fast too? You can request it by resorting to the sale of salary!

The salary-back assignment is a solid guarantee for obtaining a loan. To receive a loan from the bank with a salary transfer, you can offer your salary as a guarantee. Thanks to our guide today we will explain how to get a loan.

What is the fifth assignment?

The salary assignment is a particular type of personal bank loan reserved for employees and pensioners.

It is called a fifth assignment because the monthly installment cannot exceed a fifth in any way the fifth of the salary or pension. The installment is equal to one fifth of the net salary or is one fifth of the net pension.

To repay the monthly fee, the installment is deducted directly from the pay slip or the pension slip. The repayment of the installment will be managed directly by the employer or the pension institution.

Difference between personal loan and salary-backed loan

personal loan

The personal loan and salary-backed loan are different in the repayment of monthly installments. The personal loan must be repaid by paying the installment by bulletin or by direct debit to the account.

With this salary formula, the installment will be repaid immediately to the bank and will be withheld from salary or pension. The employer or the pension institution will think about charging the amount each month.

Who can apply for this loan? Workers with permanent contracts who have their residency in Italy and are aged between 18 and 63 can apply for it.

Retirees can also apply for a loan with a salary-backed loan provided they do not reach the age of 85 at the time the loan is repaid and have a pension of more than € 501.89. Self-employed workers cannot apply for loans through salary assignments.

What documentation to bring?

Which documents should be provided to Ibl bank to request a loan with a salary-backed loan? Below is the complete list:

  • Fiscal Code;
  • Last paycheck or pension slip;
  • Unique Certification for employees;
  • Valid identity document.

Applying for a loan with the fifth assignment does not require having a guarantor. The guarantee is the salary itself or the pension. In many cases, the salary-backed loan allows for the approval of the loan even if it has previously been insolvent.

The sale of the fifth is an important and solid guarantee, but there is no certainty that the bank consents to the request for the loan, especially in the event that problems have occurred previously. The request procedure will be checked even if the fifth assignment is given as a guarantee.

The installments

The salary assignment allows for fixed-rate installments. You can choose the amount to be paid monthly and the time for repayment, at the time of the contract.

However, the installment must not exceed a fifth, or 20%, of the salary or pension, at the net value. With the transfer of the fifth, the monthly repayment of the amount is via a direct debit on your pay packet or pension.

The maximum duration for the repayment of the loan by a fifth assignment is up to a maximum of 10 years. The debt can be paid off in advance without incurring penalties and whenever it is possible.

How to apply for a loan with the sale of the fifth?


Ibl Banca allows you to apply for a loan with the assignment of the fifth in any of the branches. You need to make an appointment at the branch or by calling the bank or online on the official website.

Simply complete the form by entering your personal data and choosing the time and date of the appointment. Requesting an appointment does not bind you to the request for a loan with a fifth assignment.

Time to obtain the loan with a fifth assignment

Time to obtain the loan with a fifth assignment

If you have decided to apply for a loan in one, a person in charge will indicate the time for the loan with the salary transfer salary. Waiting times are not all the same and may vary from case to case.

When it is possible to make a loan request on the web, it is generally possible to open a file and to receive the loan in a couple of days or so. Getting money in just a few hours is only possible via the web request.

Interest payable


The salary assignment generally allows for lower interest rates compared to other types of loans. Interest rates for the fifth assignment are convenient, but we recommend checking the TAN e   the APR to try to save.

The TAN is the interest rate, the APR is the synthetic total cost index of the loan in which the commissions to be paid for the loan practices.

The TAN and the APR associated with the loan and the contract conditions can also be chosen for the request for loans on the web. Doing an online search before applying for any loan, including those with the fifth assignment, can help you save money by not wasting it on interest.

Interest rates and installments can be known by making a quote that is not binding and is free. The estimate can be made online quickly by entering your data, repayment times and the amount requested on the official website. The quote from a hand to get an idea about the rates and monthly installments to be paid.

Both the interest and the installment may vary, even slightly, when the contract is signed. The value on the quote is only indicative.

Through an appointee, the bank will assess the case and decide how and whether to proceed with the practice. You can be sure of the installment to be repaid each month and the rates applied to the loan only once the contract is signed.

Borrower Profile: At Every Age Home Loan

Is there an ideal age to borrow? Not too young, not too old? If the question is common, the answer is not obvious and may vary depending on the bank, but also, and more generally, depending on the profile of the borrower. Borrowing 25-30 years or retired is obviously not in the same conditions.

 Is there an age limit for borrowing?

 Is there an age limit for borrowing?

Being retired and wanting to make a mortgage are not two incompatible things, far from it. If there is one point to emphasize, this is it: there is no age limit from a legal point of view. It is therefore possible, in theory, to subscribe a credit at any age. In practice, the situation is nevertheless more complex. The borrowing conditions are not the same depending on whether you are a thirty-year-old entering the workforce, a working-age forty or a retired sixty-year-old. For each borrower profile there are age-related difficulties. Difficulties that sometimes can lead to the refusal of mortgage.

After 60 years in particular, the situation is complicated and because of the difficulty of obtaining mortgage insurance. Who says real estate credit, says insurance borrower. If this insurance is not mandatory, almost all banks require it. The purpose is for the latter to guarantee the payment of loan maturities in the event that the borrower is unable to repay it. If health problems can happen at any age, the risks increase as you get older. However, the more risks, the more this insurance becomes expensive and difficult to get. Banks therefore prefer younger profiles, security pledges.

Nevertheless, with the increase in life expectancy, banks are forced to change their approach. They thus lend themselves more easily to pensioners, even if the conditions prove more stringent. Be that as it may, the bank looks first and foremost at the current and future incomes of the borrower to determine the risk taken. The higher the risk, the higher the bank will offer a high interest rate. It can also, and simply, refuse to grant the mortgage. Indeed, nothing obliges a bank to grant a mortgage.

Take out a mortgage when you’re young

Take out a mortgage when you

According to a survey of a brokerage professional devoted to the “typical borrower profile”, the average age was 36 years old last year. A profile appreciated by banks because they are customers with many years of work before them and therefore many wages to collect. For young people, the difficulty encountered is not related to age. For the latter the problem concerns the contribution. While banks demand a contribution, the youngest borrowers can not always meet them. If they manage to constitute one, it can also be of insufficient amount.

Another problem that can arise for young people is having a permanent contract and fixed and sustainable incomes. It is now very difficult, if not impossible, to borrow without having a CDI and income guarantees. If these two conditions are met, the young profiles, often first-time buyers, are offered solutions adapted to their situation. Banks offer them long-term loans. According to the CSA Housing Credit Observatory, the average loan term in 2018 was over 19 years.

Real Estate: Borrow after age 60

Real Estate: Borrow after age 60

Borrowing up to 65 years does not pose any particular difficulty; the calculation of premiums does not change, whether the borrower is 40 or 65 years old. Once this fateful age has passed , it is the death-disability insurance (this is the main guarantee offered by a loan insurance) related to credit that is problematic. According to the contracts but especially according to the establishments, the age limit varies between 58 and 70 years. At a higher cost than “traditional” contracts, a large number of banks and insurers nevertheless offer “senior” contracts adapted to the elderly. For these insurances, coverage can go up to 85 or 90 years. It should not be forgotten either that for seniors, as for people who have or have had a serious health problem, there is the AERAS convention (insurance and borrowing with an aggravated health risk). The latter facilitates their access to insurance and loans.

However, credit insurance is not the only difficulty older borrowers face. When they take out a mortgage after 40 or 50 years, their repayment is not completed when the time comes for retirement. A cap synonymous with declining revenues. To cope with this, some banks are developing à la carte financing . This allows for lower monthly payments and insurance premiums when you retire. These profiles nevertheless benefit from their age. While younger workers often struggle to make a contribution, older workers sometimes have significant savings. The borrowing rate will be very similar to that of a borrower of 35 or 40 years.

Home Equity Loan – Online Consolidation

A loan against the flat

The man is holding keys in his hands

A loan or loan secured against a flat is often confused with a mortgage. Although these two concepts are in a certain way convergent, it should be emphasized that in the latter case we refer to collateral, which is established in the form of a mortgage. The creditor (bank) charges the property (eg flat or house) to secure a specific claim (credit or loan). In a given case, the bank may charge the real estate or its part, depending on the borrower’s own contribution. Expires when the client pays his financial commitment. A mortgage loan applies to real estate for which no mortgage is established. In this case, the creditor lends money to the property owner in exchange for an entry in the land and mortgage register. It is deleted after the borrower completely settles the debt.

Are loans secured against real estate are safe

Are loans secured against real estate are safe

In order to obtain such a financial obligation, Poles most often use private loans. They are offered by various financial companies that operate throughout the country. Sometimes, this type of services is also proposed by private individuals announcing on different social networks. Both in the first and in the second case you should be careful and reach for the products of reliable loan companies. Before we decide on a mortgage loan, we need to trace the history of a given company and check if it is on the list of warnings published on the website of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. However, it is not worth assuming that all private loans carry the risk that we will be deceived. There are reliable investment companies that have been operating on the Polish market for many years and collect favorable opinions. They were created so that people who can not get credit or do not have the right creditworthiness have a chance to receive funds when they are in need.

Look with a smile in the future, you have the chance to get mortgage loans for real estate

Safe House Investment Group

Safe House Investment Group

Safe House deals with private loans secured against real estate with an entry in section IV of land and mortgage registers. He offers loans for the pledge of a flat, a house, another real estate or a plot for individual clients, small and medium enterprises and farmers. The monthly installment amounts to 0.8% of the value of the loan granted and its maximum size may reach up to 40% of the value of the property. The company does not require a check-out from the flat or house, which will be a loan pledge and does not appropriate the property. It functions efficiently, the money can be received even after 48 hours from the moment of submitting the application, and professionally, serving customers from all over Poland for many years.

Loans against mortgage. – required documents

  • extract from the land and mortgage register
  • notarial act
  • document confirming the lack of arrears in rent payments
  • certificate of the number of persons who are registered in a given flat or house
  • pictures of real estate from outside and inside

Is it possible to obtain a mortgage without having a permanent contract?

Getting a home loan can be very difficult if you are not hired on a permanent contract. Banks are keen to ensure that the credit is given to someone who will have the ability to pay it back and then seek that the applicant has a stable financial situation and regular income. Although it is difficult, it is however possible to make a mortgage without being on a permanent contract.

Justify regular and stable incomes

home loan

We can very well have a regular and stable cash flow without being hired on permanent contracts. If you are an entrepreneur or a liberal profession, banks require at least three years of fiscal year for the first and two years for the second, with stable income. Your history with your bank can be used to support your request (never overdraft, other loans repaid, large sum saved, professional accounts, etc.).

If you are temporary or on fixed term and you want to buy a house or an apartment, you will need to provide proof of a regular net salary. You must have at least 18 months of contract as a temporary employee and 3 years of contract renewal for fixed-term contracts. On this site, you can calculate your net salary directly online. Banks will also pay close attention to the regularity of your income. Very high but irregular salaries from one month to the next will have less weight than lower but regular incomes. If you are an annuitant, the provision of a proof of regular pension is necessary, especially if you are unemployed.

Present a significant contribution

mortgage loan

To take out a mortgage without a CDI, you will also have to make a substantial contribution to your bank. In general, banks require about 10% of the amount borrowed and at least notary fees. This proves to your banker that you know how to save and manage your money. If you are an heir, do not hesitate to put forward the amount you inherited.

Finally, without a CDI, you will need to present a strong guarantor, which will prove to your bank that if you no longer have sufficient funds, your guarantor can repay your loan for you.