Getting a home loan can be very difficult if you are not hired on a permanent contract. Banks are keen to ensure that the credit is given to someone who will have the ability to pay it back and then seek that the applicant has a stable financial situation and regular income. Although it is difficult, it is however possible to make a mortgage without being on a permanent contract.

Justify regular and stable incomes

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We can very well have a regular and stable cash flow without being hired on permanent contracts. If you are an entrepreneur or a liberal profession, banks require at least three years of fiscal year for the first and two years for the second, with stable income. Your history with your bank can be used to support your request (never overdraft, other loans repaid, large sum saved, professional accounts, etc.).

If you are temporary or on fixed term and you want to buy a house or an apartment, you will need to provide proof of a regular net salary. You must have at least 18 months of contract as a temporary employee and 3 years of contract renewal for fixed-term contracts. On this site, you can calculate your net salary directly online. Banks will also pay close attention to the regularity of your income. Very high but irregular salaries from one month to the next will have less weight than lower but regular incomes. If you are an annuitant, the provision of a proof of regular pension is necessary, especially if you are unemployed.

Present a significant contribution

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To take out a mortgage without a CDI, you will also have to make a substantial contribution to your bank. In general, banks require about 10% of the amount borrowed and at least notary fees. This proves to your banker that you know how to save and manage your money. If you are an heir, do not hesitate to put forward the amount you inherited.

Finally, without a CDI, you will need to present a strong guarantor, which will prove to your bank that if you no longer have sufficient funds, your guarantor can repay your loan for you.