On this page, we present what a cash advance direct lender is. The purpose is to create knowledge of overdraft facilities and provide an overview of the various options. We explain, among other things, the difference between a bank overdraft facility and an online overdraft facility. In addition, we tell you which costs are about to get an overdraft and give you alternatives to get a credit.

Cash advance direct lenders: Get money in a dash

What is a cash credit

So if you are considering recording a cash advance direct lender or just wanting to get more information on the subject, you have come to the right places. We will guide you through everything you need to know about this loan.

A cash credit differentiates itself from other types of loans at several different points. Therefore, it is relevant to know the definition of an overdraft if you are considering using this loan form.

There are generally two types of cash credit. You can either take out a bank overdraft with the bank, or you can take out credit with one of the many online banks. It may depend on your needs and your situation whether or not you should choose an overdraft facility in your bank or an online bank loan.

Cash at bank

Cash at bank

If you choose to take out credit in your bank, the bank makes credit available. The amount of your overdraft facility has been agreed between you and your bank, and you can continuously raise it as needed.

An overdraft facility at the bank thus gives you the opportunity to withdraw “legally” into your account as long as it is within the maximum that you have agreed with the bank.

Therefore, a bank overdraft in the bank has the advantage that you can just pull over to the account if you need it.

Cash Credit via an Online Bank

Cash Credit via an Online Bank

As mentioned, there is also the possibility of getting a cash credit via an online bank. Unlike a bank overdraft in your bank, an online bank is talking about a cash loan. This means, among other things, that the entire amount is transferred to your account in the same way as a consumer loan. It is also important to point out that a mortgage loan is in fact the same as a consumer loan. Both loan types belong to the category of unsecured loans. The difference is typically found in the amount and maturity of the loan.

A bank overdraft in your bank does not have a fixed maturity, as you simply transfer to your salary account. If, on the other hand, you choose a bank loan, there will be a fixed term. This means that the money must be paid within, for example, 2 years. However, you always have the opportunity to settle the debt ahead of time.

Find a credit line online

If you do not know the process of an online overdraft facility, read here where we go through it.

You can typically get an online cash credit of up to DKK 15,000. When you apply for a cash credit online, the entire process takes place online. You make an application by filling in your information and signing with your Good Finance. Then the lenders make a credit rating of you and your private finances.

If you are approved for a cash loan, you will receive the desired amount in your account within a short time.

You can, therefore, handle the entire application process for a cash credit from your own living room. In addition, you do not have to account for your bank and tell them what you want to use your credit for. Since a credit line is part of the unsecured loan category, you can use the money for whatever you want.