Agent must be a full-time professional

Agent must be a full-time professional

Student in the morning and pseudo real estate agent in the afternoon.

Have you ever seen this phenomenon?  I do, you don’t know how many times. Many of the classic agencies have an ULTRA PRECARIOUS employment system aimed at PAYING their staff AS LESS AS POSSIBLE.

They are looking for very young and inexperienced collaborators to whom they pay only very small percentages linked to the sales they procure

They don’t even pay him a fixed salary…

Besides being very unethical, this model is completely ineffective .

It is better for you to rely on a person who is a full-time real estate agent by profession. A person who has the experience, skills and network necessary to be able to SERIOUSLY take care of your sale. Unfortunately, underpaid young people in danger cannot do this. And I say unfortunately also thinking of them who have fallen into the jaws of an unscrupulous employer.

What questions should you ask the agency to understand if it’s right for you?

– Does the agent who will take care of my sale work full time for you?

– If not, what days and at what time can I find it?

– How long have you been practicing as a real estate agent?

If it’s clear from your responses that you’re not a full-time contributor, it’s best to leave it alone.

The agency must have a common methodology and train its staff regularly

The third point is closely related to the previous one.

Maybe on the first appointment you met the owner of the agency, a qualified and professional person. But after signing the warrant, you realize that there is ONE VERY UNPLEASANT SURPRISE. The person you met doesn’t have time to deal with your property.

Someone else will take care of it. The problem is that this other person doesn’t have an ounce of his experience, doesn’t have any specific training and doesn’t have a shred of strategy for selling your home.  But it’s too late now, the omelette is done!

Your sale will turn into a series of phone calls to the agency to check the work of a COMPLETELY DISORGANIZED agent who has even forgotten you exist.