The opinion of the mechanic and the test ride

The opinion of the mechanic and the test ride

If you have the opportunity, let your trusted mechanic spend half an hour with the car you’re about to buy, time to look at the engine, suspension and bodywork with an expert eye. Everything must be in order: electrical system, oil leaks, pistons, cylinder heads, gearbox, shock absorbers, only your trusted mechanic can reassure you about this. After that, ask him for one last courtesy: to come with you for a test drive. It will be the evaluation test on the technical part: noise, braking, suspension and gearbox fluidity used cars in sacramento


Check that the license plate, chassis number, engine number match what is reported in the vehicle registration document. You can analyze the entire history of the vehicle by querying the Public Vehicle Register.

The right price

Determining the right price for a used car is very simple. All you need is the model, year of registration and a search online or in sector magazines to determine the market price which, obviously, also fluctuates according to the kilometers traveled by the car, the standard equipment, the regularly performed and documented coupons, the conditions of bodywork and interiors, the condition of the tyres, the absence of serious road accidents and the fact that the vehicle belongs to a single owner, the possible presence of accessories (ABS, alloy wheels, ESP, air conditioning, etc.).

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Purchasing from a private individual does not require the application of any legal guarantee and this puts the buyer in an unfavorable position. If something goes wrong, you’ll be faced with repair costs that you didn’t plan for. Only if the vehicle, at the time of sale, is still covered by the original warranty, this will remain valid until expiry. Buying a used vehicle from an authorized dealer instead gives the buyer the right to a legal guarantee of conformity required by law. This type of guarantee does not assume that the vehicle is in perfect condition, but that the real conditions are known to the buyer at the time of sale.

The financing

The investment required to purchase a used car is certainly lower, but financing may still be necessary. By purchasing from a private individual, it is possible to request it from your bank or a financial company. On the other hand, thanks to their relationships with financial institutions, dealerships can offer installment payment proposals that can be adapted to customer needs.a